How long does the timber sale bid process take?

After the timber sale is laid out and the trees are marked, it will only take a few weeks before the bids are received on your property. In order to accommodate the bidders' schedules, we allow them 2 weeks in which to view the sale and develop their bids.

I've heard that logging will destroy my forest. Is this true?

There is typically a certain amount of disturbance to the property due to the nature of logging equipment. The "damage" caused by timber harvesting is only noticeable for a short period of time (maybe a few years). Through good planning and professional workmanship, Redtail Forestry will be able to minimize the aesthetic effects of a logging operation.

Who establishes our property lines?

Redtail Forestry will determine where the property lines are before selling the marked trees. If there is any disagreement on a property line, a boundary line agreement will be signed by the affected neighbors.

We live in a township that requires a permit to harvest timber. Who gets these permits?

Redtail Forestry ensures that all applicable local, state or federal permitting requirements have been met before harvesting begins. Ultimately, the logger is responsible for the permits.

Do we need to have an erosion and sedimentation control plan?

Absolutely! An erosion and sedimentation control plan is required by law and therefore will be present on the timber sale at all times. Redtail Forestry will develop the E&S plan in accordance with State and Federal law.

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"Dan was very courteous and professional. He addressed my concerns and followed up to make sure that all harvesting was done as per agreement. I recommend Dan Lowenstein, at Redtail Forestry and Wildlife Management, as a reliable, trustworthy, and professional forester."
-Kevin L.
Mifflin County, PA

"We have received comments from people visiting us who said 'that we did a great job in the timbering' because the property still looks like a forest. Again, our hats are off to you for delivering on your promise to keep it looking natural as well as getting us a good price. We enjoyed working with you and in a few years, we will be using your services again."
-Charlie & Debrah B.
Centre County, PA