Who establishes the road/trail system and loading locations?

Redtail Forestry will meet with the equipment operator in order to agree upon the best locations for log landings, haul roads and skid trails. As with any other portion of the sale, the landowner's input is appreciated.

Will tree tops and stumps be chipped and hauled away?

In most cases, the tree tops and stumps will remain on the property. This material will begin to rot away immediately and will become less visible with time. Tree tops serve an important role in the nutrient cycle and in protecting tree seedlings from deer browse.

How does Redtail Forestry get paid for their services?

We are paid in a variety of ways (percentage, lump sum amount, hourly basis). In the case of timber sales, we are typically paid a percentage of the gross timber sale amount. This payment is made directly to Redtail Forestry by the awarded bidder at contract signing.

What happens if a logger doesn't clean up the trails or pay for damages when they finish?

Before any timber harvesting begins, Redtail Forestry holds a performance deposit furnished by the awarded bidder in order to ensure contract compliance. If for any reason, the property is not retired properly, this deposit will be used to fix the issue.

After the bids are received, are we obligated to accept the high bid?

No. Since Redtail Forestry works for the landowner's best interest, we will advise you on bids received. If the highest bid is not acceptable, we will advise you to reject it.

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"Dan was very courteous and professional. He addressed my concerns and followed up to make sure that all harvesting was done as per agreement. I recommend Dan Lowenstein, at Redtail Forestry and Wildlife Management, as a reliable, trustworthy, and professional forester."
-Kevin L.
Mifflin County, PA

"We have received comments from people visiting us who said 'that we did a great job in the timbering' because the property still looks like a forest. Again, our hats are off to you for delivering on your promise to keep it looking natural as well as getting us a good price. We enjoyed working with you and in a few years, we will be using your services again."
-Charlie & Debrah B.
Centre County, PA